Sugar Free!!!!

Screw politics and everything else.

Today, T-ara released their new song “Sugar Free” and you know what? It’s fantastic!

They’ve really hit the ball out of the park this time!

The bass is really super and the song is addictive. I’m not going to go so deep into explaining it all as not to bore people, but seriously, try it out!

And looks like Girls’ Generation better work harder because unless they can release a better song this year, T-ara would have won! Already T-ara’s “Number 9″ which was released in October last year was the best song released in the last 12 months and T-ara has managed to do even better this time.

I’m still a SONE (and I’ll always will be), so I do hope Girls’ Generation can top this one. Come on girls. T-ara has already scored 2 against you all. Keep trying harder!!!

Really Pas?

I remember way back in  1999 when I was in Form 5, I was the only one supporting Pas in my class.

The other 42 of them (of which 40 were non-Muslims) were solidly behind the Barisan Nasional (BN). Or at least, they didn’t admit they were supporting any of the opposition parties.

However, I personally believe that almost all of them were either pro-BN or at the very least apolitical at that time.

Pas to them was an anathema. Something that they wouldn’t even touch with a pole.

For me then, of course, Islamic politics were one of the things, but also looking at the leaders (many of them are still around now), they look like honest, decent people. A bit kampung maybe, but they looked like people you could trust.

They carried (convincingly enough for me) the message that the then Mahathir-led BN was mired with corruption and wastage and the best way to cure it all was to knock them off from power. To be honest with you, I believed them and supported them fervently despite not being old enough to vote.

Please note that although Anwar Ibrahim’s 1998 was a catalyst for me to get interested in politics, I was never an Anwarista. To me, he never held any special meaning (no pun intended).

Fast forward to the present time and how things have turned around.

All the non-Malays are now supporters of the opposition -even Pas- and I’m not into the opposition cause anymore. I have even many non-Malays (including at least one of my ex-Form 5 classmates) proudly parading the Pas logo on Facebook.

Strange isn’t it? Hopefully the circle will not turn again.

Truth is, because of my longer exposure to politics, I’m (at least I hope) wiser than the rest now.

Back to Pas, they have really disappointed me with their frequent surrendering to the DAP and PKR.

And the latest incident regarding the Selangor Menteri Besar is the worst. All that earlier talk about Khalid being innocent until proven guilty ends up just being hogwash.

The Pas of today is nothing close to the Pas that projected itself in the 1990s and even less than what it was in the 1980s. It’s now devolved from being an Islamic-principled party to just a political party.

Really Pas? Why are you so messed up?


Is this democracy overrated?

Looking at Selangor right now, don’t you think so too?

And I have more “surprises” for you. Unlike us at the bottom who are all split up, have you ever wondered how it’s all like at the top of the tree?

Well, do take a look at some magazines (the Malaysian Tattler certainly comes to mind) and do let me know!

In the meantime, I’ve been listening to T-ara lately and trust me, it’s much better looking at 6 (or 7, and sometimes 8 depending on which T-ara video is the subject of watching) showgirls than watching the circus in Selangor at the moment. (Now that I think of it, this has been the first time in quite a while there no political fight involving the Federal Government).

Anyway, take a peek for yourself. This is a more girly version of their hit Sexy Love.

Beats watching Anwar anytime doesn’t it?



First and foremost, my condolences to the families of all of those affected by the MH17 incident. This is a massive tragedy and another black spot for us Malaysians.

However, this time I’m going to a politically incorrect thing and look beyond the tragedy.

The plane as we know went down in eastern Ukraine, where there is fighting between the US-backed Ukraine government and the Russian-back separatist rebels. There has been some trading of barbs between both sides (the Ukrainian government and the rebels) over who actually fired the shot that downed the plane but I have a different view on this whole matter.

You see, for me, the Ukrainian government and the rebels may be at each others throats but that does not mean they are crazy. Yes, no matter how unpopular this may sound, I believe both can think rationally and they (both) would have no way wanted to down a Malaysian jet.

For what reason would they want to do so? It does not give either side any advantage.

For me, I believe that whoever fired the shot was taking orders from someone else (the US certainly does come to mind). Why?

Simple reason : We’ve unwittingly become a pawn in a larger game of chess. A competition between the major powers for territory and influence.

Why has this happened? Simple, our leadership is weak.

Although I am of the belief that Malay leadership throughout the ages has been generally weak and overly accommodating -with certain personalities such as Tun Perak and Dr. Mahathir being exceptions- the present day leadership shown by our current and immediate past Prime Ministers (Najib and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) has been exceptionally weak when compared to the ocean of sharks that we currently dwell in. Sure, there is no Siam to worry about in the north anymore, but biggest fish around and even bigger and badder than ever before.

The Malays are a great race and a wonderful people (anyone who has ever lived in a Malay kampung will attest to this) but their leaders throughout history have always let them down. This is a sad, sick truth but it’s reality. Penang and Singapore was lost to the British due to the self-serving natures of the royals in that time and even now, we can see how the syok sendiri and permikiran sempit attitude of our leaders are causing Malaysia to slowly sink.

Before I go on any further, let me make absolutely clear that I do not believe that our PM Najib conspired with anyone to down MH17. As much as I am unimpressed with him, I do not think he will do such a despicable act.

However, it is his weak leadership that has made it all the more easier for us to be mere pawns in this great game that is being played before us.

When Dr. Mahathir was in charge, these kinds of things never happened to us. He was the man, he was in control. No matter what was blowing around, he kept the ship steady and firm. We certainly need that kind of leadership now.

And lastly, to those affected by the MH17 incident and also to all MAS employees, I dedicate this still officially unreleased song by Girls’ Generation to you : Indestructible. I pray to Allah that you’ll be the same.

Eat halal but die faster?

Okay, I’m aware that the title is in Malaysian English but this topic is something that I’ve been pondering about lately.

You see, over the years, I’ve been hearing this particular story from us Malaysian Muslims who travel overseas. The details sometimes vary but generally the story follows this same pattern :

  1. The person went to a foreign country where the majority population is non-Muslim.
  2. The said person was worried about how to get halal food.
  3. So before he/she flew up, he/she booked a whole ship container in Port Klang containing instant noodles (the most mentioned is that particular M-brand) and ate that (and that only) for the duration of the entire trip.

-EDYSK_2-artykuly_nowe2-chinska_zupkaHaving lived in China before, I can say that finding halal beef or chicken by itself isn’t as easy as in Muslim countries, that’s a given.

And to complicate matters, sometimes the halal food available, like in Arabic restaurants are bloody damn expensive. I would have to burst my wallet everytime I dine there.

Hence, here is something to ponder about :

One of the many reasons for eating halal food is to ensure that the food that is consumed is safe.  This logically brings us to the second part : Is eating instant noodles over the course of 4-5 days even safe?

There are numerous links which detail how bad-ass instant noodles are and these are just a few :

Since we know all this, here the logic part : In this situation, which is worse : Eating non-halal beef/chicken or eating instant noodles for a long duration?

I’m not trying to be an ustaz here, but I think the answer is fairly obvious. Well, at least that’s my opinion anyway.

And please, I’m not asking anyone to eat pork. Pork is pork, no two ways about it, unless marooned in a desert island with only cans on bacon and nothing else. Then it’s a different story.

I’m just saying that in our rush to be more Islamic, we must make sure we ultimately don’t miss the forest for the trees, that’s my humble opinion.

P.S. : I’ve not going to write about politics for a while. Too much is being written on other blogs and I don’t want to add to the already increasing temperatures. I prefer to talk less and do more. (More on this later) I also know that I was supposed to write a political piece regarding the video of My Kitchen Rules 5 but i’m holding it over for now. That article can wait.


Ramadhan is here!

PejuangKeadilan15062014Then I ran into this picture on Facebook.

Feel kind of bad for the policeman as to me, he really does look like a decent man (Remember a few posts earlier, I talked about “face reading”?)

Happy to note (again) that those (actually almost all of them who commented) who commented fought back against the rudeness of the page admin.

Still makes me feel bad though. Personally I have no qualms being rude (provided the occasion calls for it) to people who are older than me (on condition that they’re rude to me first) or people who are very kurang ajar, but I find it impossible to be rude to people who are gentle or pleasant.

I don’t really know this policeman personally but he does seem like a nice man.

We have seem to have lost all our political decency. This is a serious problem.

Note the words “Umno BN Beruk Negara” on the bottom right of the photo. What does this policeman have to do with Umno and BN?

He is a government servant working to feed his family. He does not need or deserve this kind of hate.

Going to abruptly halt this post and head off.

Happy Ramadham everyone! Let’s make Ramadhan this year a great one!