Ramadhan is here!

PejuangKeadilan15062014Then I ran into this picture on Facebook.

Feel kind of bad for the policeman as to me, he really does look like a decent man (Remember a few posts earlier, I talked about “face reading”?)

Happy to note (again) that those (actually almost all of them who commented) who commented fought back against the rudeness of the page admin.

Still makes me feel bad though. Personally I have no qualms being rude (provided the occasion calls for it) to people who are older than me (on condition that they’re rude to me first) or people who are very kurang ajar, but I find it impossible to be rude to people who are gentle or pleasant.

I don’t really know this policeman personally but he does seem like a nice man.

We have seem to have lost all our political decency. This is a serious problem.

Note the words “Umno BN Beruk Negara” on the bottom right of the photo. What does this policeman have to do with Umno and BN?

He is a government servant working to feed his family. He does not need or deserve this kind of hate.

Going to abruptly halt this post and head off.

Happy Ramadham everyone! Let’s make Ramadhan this year a great one!

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