Reset 3.0

Sometimes it just needs to be done.

I’ll still be me, you can be assured of that. Just that I’m not into saying I support (politically) BN or PR. Truth is, both of them suck.

Well, politicians, and I mean all politicians¬† suck. PR was probably (truth is, I’m just speculating on that too) only good in 2008 but they’ve gone over to the dark side as well.

I’m not going to lower myself by saying I support one party/coalition over the other.

That said, I’ve got a million other things to do and I’ve got to spend the next few weeks/months preparing for Operation Gunsmoke and for BURN, Darus Story Studios’ pioneer effort.

Although I’m still in a bit of a mess, I’m – and of course, Jeeja Yanin, my girl and every trusty Perodua Myvi –¬† all ready and roaring for this kick-ass adrenaline-filled year. Bring it on!! XD

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