Missing the forest for the trees…

The so-called “325 Rally” at the New Era College in Kajang, Selangor on Sunday organized by Chinese educationist group Dong Zong (aka the United Chinese Schools Committee Association) has become famous. Or maybe infamous.

For the turnout? No.

For the memorable or perhaps rousing speeches? No.

For the dedication of the members of the public to come from afar to voice their opinion? Yet again no.

Instead, it has become well known due to the attempted attack on Deputy Education Minister Datuk Wee Ka Siong. Long story short, he was heckled and booed by the crowd and someone even tried to punch him (which he mostly avoided, by the way).

The rally was depicted by the mainstream media as being Pakatan Rakyat-friendly, a point which I don’t really dispute since it’s a generally known fact that Pakatan Rakyat currently has the lion’s share of the Malaysian Chinese votes in the country now.

But I think the point here is not really to talk about the Barisan Nasional or the Pakatan Rakyat. The real “tragedy” – if you could put it that way – of this whole episode was that what was eventually highlighted was actually the Wee Ka Siong incident and everybody seemed to miss the more important issue that was drowned in the din : The demands of the Dong Zong itself.

They are :

  • For the Education Ministry to immediately transfer out all teachers who do not have the required SPM Chinese language qualification from Chinese primary schools
  • To conduct special courses for Chinese language teachers who have taught Bahasa Malaysia or English for at least three years so that they are qualified to teach all three languages
  • To reform the teachers training syllabus so that more qualified Chinese-speaking teachers can be trained to fulfil needs of Chinese schools
  • To review the Education Act to ensure vernacular schools are accorded equal status and safeguarded as an integral part of national education system

[Source : http://www.thesundaily.my/news/330224%5D

From the list of demands, and especially from Demand 01, the Dong Zong is unable to comprehend that they live in a country that has various races.

“Transfer out all teachers that don’t have the required SPM Chinese qualifications”? Hello brother, how many non-Chinese teachers would have that? Sure, I’m pretty certain that there are Malay and Indian teachers who can speak and teach in Mandarin Chinese but they’re pretty much a minority within a minority.

And when read with Demand 02 and Demand 03, it’s clear that Dong Zong wishes to virtually ethnically cleanse (and I make no apologies for this statement) all vernacular schools of teachers of other races (and I mean not just Malays but Indians and theothers too).

And to make it worse, I have not seen any poltician (yet) either from BN or PR publically opposing those racist demands.

Before anyone starts to jump and accuse me of having a racist agenda, let me tell you all, I am no racist at all. I’m Malay but at least 45% of my friends are Chinese and when I go to the cinema to watch a Chinese movie, I usually find myself the only Malay in the hall. Plus, I have dated a Chinese (and China girl at that) before. And I’m a big fan of China and East Asian culture. I do kendo, download Girls Generation and have the words 狮子 as my identity tag everywhere. No Chinese-hating racist in the world would do that.

Malaysians of all races must oppose these racist demands. In fact, I feel that either BN or PR should show leadership and merge all school streams into one single stream. Make Mandarin and Tamil be compulsory subjects in school but under one school system.

Dong Zong should realize that this is Malaysia, not China or Taiwan. A Chinese-only solution will not work. This is South East Asia, Nusantara. The lingua franca in these parts is Bahasa Malaysia and they have to co-exist with other races. They should not go one making racist demands that only worsen the problem of segregation between the races.

This istheproblem in Malaysia. That both sides of the political divide don’t have what it takes to properly solve this racial issue that plagues us. All they are thinking is of short term gains in terms of votes. I feel that we’ve come to a point where all sides, the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and basically everybody else does not know what to and what not to demand. It’s just a free for all.

This has to stop. Why do you think I really detest politicians now?